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i can’t believe that tomorrow is the 1st of halloween


Tokyo Ghoul au where everything is the same except Tsukiyama is 6 inches taller and every time he tries to do one of his dramatic entrances he hits his head on the doorway and completely negates it


some kid in my class wrote an essay about how it never explicitly says Beowulf isn’t a robot


i dont trust people who are organised enough to balance a fuck ton of school stuff on top of a normal life because you know who else could do that??? fucking light yagami

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I just realized that the lack of acceptance for asexuals is literally the dumbest thing.
Like, you can’t handle the thought of two dudes kissing? Okay you’re dumb and terrible whatever.
But you can’t handle the idea… Of someone… Not kissing anyone? What are you worried about? They’re gonna eat too much mac n cheese?? Draw too many dinosaurs??? Tell me


guys I actually shed a tear

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neon genesis evangelion print done to desucon: cosplay 

tried out the colouring style i did last year. this took much more longer than i expected OTL


when someone else says they love my fav character


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